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  1. Sandro Cacciola

    WOW! New Jet Freewing Phantom II 90mm edf semi-scale

    Hi boys,I'm Sandro Cacciola italian journalist and published moore review about plane edf and turbine, electronic and accessory for modellism in all big italian website of modellismIt is with great pleasure that I want to share with all of you fans this news about jet edf. I like to inform you about this news interesting jet!Browsing the web in the various modellism websites of the world I came across a few days ago in this novelty that I consider extremely interesting for two reasons: the first because it is presented by a company like Freewing which is now a reference point in the panorama of production and marketing of EDF jet in Epo; and secondly because it fills a gap in the Edf 90mm category of the jet subject reproduced: the legendary Phantom II F-4D!I state that the new Jet Freewing will be available from May of this year but thanks to the contacts with Freewing I managed to find all the information on the kit and I hope to have it in my hands before the official release.The new Phantom II F-4D has a wingspan of 1030mm and a length of 1550mm for a weight of about 2850 grams. Two engines are available, one 6S with 9-blade fan and Esc with well 130A, and one for 8S with 12-blade fan and Esc 150A. Reading on the various specialized forums, Freewing had received in recent years several requests from modellers and dealers of a timeless jet like the Phantom but with important dimensions, flight characteristics that were docile enough and that it was "ready to fly" (PNP)...Hence the long design and implementation study that took two years but seems to have paid off. Finally a beautiful jet that does not disappear alongside the other big Freewing, the A-10.The Phantom II F-4D, just to meet the needs of all modellers, is equipped with particularly robust "oleo-strut" landing trolleys that allow its use even for grassy runners. Under the model there are the gondolas were also designed to minimize the damage to the structure in case of overly hard landings beyond normal limits.Follow me in the coming days that I will reveal the secrets of this model ... Follow me....
  2. Sandro Cacciola

    WOW! New Jet Freewing Phantom II 90mm edf semi-scale

    In the USA website will surely have already seen this material but but some modellist asked me some links to see the new Phantom Freewing 90m edf jet. Here are some pages. Material is not too. Marketing has yet to start ... http://www.freewing-model.com
  3. Sandro Cacciola

    WOW! New Jet Freewing Phantom II 90mm edf semi-scale

    Hello Yes. I can write it. tell me how I can do it...
  4. Sandro Cacciola

    WOW! New Jet Freewing Phantom II 90mm edf semi-scale

    Having not yet been able to fly the new Phantom (but I think I can receive it in March) I must take for good what the designers and builders of the new Freewqing Phantom II 90mm edf emphasize: a great job of optimizing the aerodynamics to ensure that the model not have critical behavior in flight. Aware, therefore, that the true Phantom's flight characteristics were based on high speed thanks to two powerful turbine engines rather than an efficient aerodynamic profile, several key design elements specific to reproduction in the Rc jet were incorporated into these model in reduced scale, and this in order to obtain the expected flight characteristics with the result, again according to Freewing, to have a surprisingly agile Phantom and with good aerodynamics that lands slowly and has a very high vertical climbing performance.
  5. Sandro Cacciola

    WOW! New Jet Freewing Phantom II 90mm edf semi-scale

    An RC model aircraft of such a large size remains easily transportable with a magnetic removable fiber front cone and removable wings with a comfortable connect system multi-point contact that attaches to each root of the wing. Efficient flaps, brass ball joints for moving parts, reliable control hardware, and all-digital servos (all optimized to avoid weight gain on the model) provide secure control; finally it's important underline the mechanism of the whole mobile elevator like the specially designed original that incorporates two ball bearings for a smooth and safe rotation in every situation.The Freewing 90mm F-4 Phantom II as mentioned is available in two versions. The Standard version requires a LiPo 6S 5000-6000 mAh battery and is the best recommendation for pilot looking for the best balance between speed, thrust and cost. The "High Performance" version requires an 8S 5000 mAh LiPo battery and offers more performance and vertical acceleration. The High Performance version is recommended for Advanced pilots only because of the faster aircraft envelope and the heavier flying characteristics.
  6. Sandro Cacciola

    WOW! New Jet Freewing Phantom II 90mm edf semi-scale

    The new Phantom Freewing in the PNP kit (http://www.freewing-model.com) , as tradition, requires only Rx (6 ch minimum) and battery (minimum 6S 5000Mah). Everything else is included in the box. The assembly does not require special precautions and it is sufficient to follow the photographic instructions included in the kit. Some assembly-related solutions are similar to those used for the Yak 130 (movement of the whole mobile part, double carbon bayonet for the wings ...). Also interesting is the electronic connection system of the wings that takes place with the fuselage with a multiconnector that facilitates the operation. In the new kit appreciable the details that enhance the beauty both on the ground and in flight. The landing lights are of great effect with the double lights mounted on the front gear door and the colored ones on the wing edges (missing on the wing carriages ...); the reproduction of the rivets, the stopping hook and the whole set of missiles and sub-wings tanks with the relative removable support pylons are interesting. On the other hand, an optional set of highly detailed accessories is available with also the Mk H-7 ejection seats and the hi-resolution instrument panel panels. In addition, you can download free 3D-ready files for plastic parts for free! The F-4D jet comes pre-painted in the classic SEA Camo and proudly exhibits the friezes of the 555th TFS and for this a complete set of scaled stickers for this model have been made and which do not have the classic transparent but it's without margin.