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    Am Wochenende endlich die längst überfälligen Taxi- und Landescheinwerfer fertiggestellt. Etwas CAD, CAM, CNC und 3D Druck und schwups..... Links der Taxischeinwerfer mit scale Streuscheibe und rechts der Landescheinwerfer mit Klarglasscheibe.
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    heute 3 Flüge gemacht. Gefühlt hatte die JetCat P100 welche vorher montiert war 8 kg Schub Die King-Tech reißt die DG so brachial durch die Luft das man sich kaum traut Vollgas stehen zu lassen. Auch der Klang ist im Vergleich zu der JEtCat sehr angenehm, bei weitem nicht so schrill. Kerostartvorgang läuft auch deutlich schneller und sauberer im Vergleich zur JetCat. Und! - sie läuft nach 3 Flügen immer noch - da musste die Katze schon das erste mal zum Service.
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    der Trend geht dorthin ;-) wird Zeit meine Rafale anzufangen...
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    Scheh wars, g'lacht hämmer!! Hat einer hier Bilder gemacht? Also geknipst wurde ja viel, da müßte doch.... öhm, ... wenigstens... Julius?! Hab diesmal nix geknipst, nur ausgiebig geglotzt Dirk hat den Kolibri Turbopropper eingeflogen! Cooles Antrieble!! Gefällt mir!
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    @derMicha is rocketing out from #MADB259
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    Hi boys,I'm Sandro Cacciola italian journalist and published moore review about plane edf and turbine, electronic and accessory for modellism in all big italian website of modellismIt is with great pleasure that I want to share with all of you fans this news about jet edf. I like to inform you about this news interesting jet!Browsing the web in the various modellism websites of the world I came across a few days ago in this novelty that I consider extremely interesting for two reasons: the first because it is presented by a company like Freewing which is now a reference point in the panorama of production and marketing of EDF jet in Epo; and secondly because it fills a gap in the Edf 90mm category of the jet subject reproduced: the legendary Phantom II F-4D!I state that the new Jet Freewing will be available from May of this year but thanks to the contacts with Freewing I managed to find all the information on the kit and I hope to have it in my hands before the official release.The new Phantom II F-4D has a wingspan of 1030mm and a length of 1550mm for a weight of about 2850 grams. Two engines are available, one 6S with 9-blade fan and Esc with well 130A, and one for 8S with 12-blade fan and Esc 150A. Reading on the various specialized forums, Freewing had received in recent years several requests from modellers and dealers of a timeless jet like the Phantom but with important dimensions, flight characteristics that were docile enough and that it was "ready to fly" (PNP)...Hence the long design and implementation study that took two years but seems to have paid off. Finally a beautiful jet that does not disappear alongside the other big Freewing, the A-10.The Phantom II F-4D, just to meet the needs of all modellers, is equipped with particularly robust "oleo-strut" landing trolleys that allow its use even for grassy runners. Under the model there are the gondolas were also designed to minimize the damage to the structure in case of overly hard landings beyond normal limits.Follow me in the coming days that I will reveal the secrets of this model ... Follow me....